Twitter and DM services. Possibility to find new more effective ways for collaboration

The relations between Twitter and direct messaging services are intended to overcome important transformation. It is reflected in touch with messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat and so on. One of the main indicators of Twitter evolution in this direction is an establishment of a direct link in Twitter top bar. Thank to it you are able to come directly to your message store.

The recent researches on the field of social media business show that the team of Twitter specialists strives for development and a constant improvement of messaging service. The results of their efforts can be seen on the renewal of the fuctioning of a separate messaging service. Not long before DMs had been going to be blocked but the innovations introduced by Twitter staff stopped and rejected all characters of that menace.
Many people are using the Twitter DM section as a way for private messaging communications and completely refuse any speciale messenger services. One can understand the point of views of these persons. It is really simple and comfortable.

A little time before the DM Twitter department was hidden by other user profile options or settings. In the result of the latest changement the DM features joint to Twitter have received some outwards characters. The questions are which way these changes influence on improvement of DM service work as Twitter complement. It might be suggested as evolution in collaboration of both systems.