Reasons of the Facebook popularity decrease among the children

The qualities of Facebook made its high level of business reputation; image, stability and continuity probably provoke in children the presence of conflicting sensations. The cases where we need feel ourselves calm and quiet are becoming such stressful situations. They must open their opinions and impressions to the view of general estimations having risk to suffer from the potential ill-minded persons. The steady and monumental system of Facebook gives children a kind of fear about their personal future, which must be opened to all members of this giant of social services.

The next problem young teens meet is an immense variety of options in mobile Facebook application. These options are very numerous and it is possible to confuse the children mind, which prevents them from making any precise action. Snapchat and Instagram are in favor of them because of the absence of a huge of possible actions and the simple principles of action (sharing videos and photos). These services are easier and more available for a wide use by children.

One more difficulty of Facebook use by teenagers it is natural differences of moral and psychological character. Facebook offer to present own privacy for many others points of view. It is very hard to understand for young teens which are used to have their own world closed from any others and available only to themselves. The minimum of possibilities to lead their own way of activity and public or/and private life is a strong obstacle for a wide use of Facebook services by teenagers.
The absence of a wide promotion of Facebook activity among teens makes this service to overcome important losses.