Mobile YouTube traffic: history of a successful development. From 6% in 2011 to 40% nowadays

YouTube services pass through the period of their mobilization. A wide use of cell phones, laptops and tablets conditions the acquisition of a new face by YouTube business promotion. YouTube video services become mobile in larger and larger measure every day. For the comparison: the volume of YouTube videos of mobile format was 6 % of all amounts and for today this rate achieves 40 % of a general volume of videos served by YouTube. Google services for example have already overcome the scale of 1 billion of mobile based users. The mobile revolution touched and a social giant Facebook. In the second quarter of 2013 the rates indicated a number of Facebook users of mobile services were 819 million per month of a total monthly amount at 1.15 billion. For having a complete situation with mobile Facebook promotion one can observe the next figures: 543 million mobile Facebook users of total number 955 million in the second quarter of 2012; 325 million of 739 million of total in the second quarter of 2011; 155 million of 482 million in the second quarter of 2010.
The collaboration of YouTube with the mobile systems, such as Android and iOS has continued for a long time. During some period YouTube invested in a development of these services just till the time when Android and iOS got back under the control of Apple.

The mobile service of YouTube was started up in 2007, when the demand for mobile devices and revenues from it only began to form. The primary task for the YouTube team was the transformations and optimization of videos in correspondence with mobile formats.

The YouTube growing is marked from the start of common business with Microsoft Windows in the area of creation of a high quality application for Windows Phone. After some time of hesitation Microsoft adopted starting issues of YouTube mobile applications, which don’t suit Google’s requirements and were ceased in the result. After a month the YouTube application for the Windows iPhone was issued, that resulted a considerable growing of mobile YouTube users’ amount.

The newest mobile YouTube apps open access to such operations with videos, as their saving and viewing offline, keeping the audio playing during the video minimisation. These functions give possibilities to increase the amount of content for watching. The procedure of videos creation became considerably simpler.