Frontback: a simple photo services makes giant Twitter wake up

The fast developing of a young photo service Frontback attracts interest from wider and wider public. It is a system, which offers possibilities to make combined photos using front and rear cameras of your iPhone. Frontback was founded only in August of this year. During this short period of time this service have had a lot of followers with the worldwide known name and made interest of Twitter for purchase it. Frontback is an example of a simple genius and of a quick method for getting fame. Frontback has got a round of funding near 3 millions of dollars and provoked Twitter for the purchase of a young service.

The information about an amount of funds was not confirmed but one of its creators Frederick della Faille informed us that these funds come from a group of existing investors. It is just their efforts played an important role of the Frontback promotion on the field of social media business. The way to the fame for the Frontback became the creation of the Checkthis service, which brought a worldwide reputation to young social service. The next updates of this publishing tool allow to Frontback users to make a description of their photos, enter the address book for finding more friends and share photos in different social services. Except named services, clients are connected with email and SMS to share their photos.

The Frontback is widely used as a mobile service with the help of iPhone technology. The mobile version includes possibility of sharing the newest posts from friends; features of posts’ naming and passing from the top to the bottom of image; a wonderful possibility of choosing between types of images you want to create (double selfing of your pictures is possible with Frontback); option of’ restoring the posts, which can’t be sent.

Thank to these peculiarities, Frontback attracts more and more clients to its activity. Quick and simple ways of activity are the most important characteristics of Frontback service.