Front and back: two integral parts of success

A high rapidity of Frontback development is closely connected with the startup of Checkthis system. This is a principal component of the Frontback service, which provided a rapid and successful promotion of new system. The main principle of Checkthis work is a creation of blogs with the assistance of users’ photos and their sharing. The Checkthis technology was very simple in use. The launch of Checkthis took place in March 2013 with the initiative of della Faille having made a picture of his living place.

Della Faille joked that one should nothing do, only to put pictures with the front and back together and make descriptions in details for each one. It is the best explanation of Checkthis functioning and the simplest way for Frontback popularity growing. One-off posts of photo blogs from Checkthis have achieved the highest level of popularity among social networks users. It was really very simple but very effective practice. The process of creation and launching of Checkthis proves that every activity can achieve the highest results in condition that it is thoroughly planned and performed. Attention paid to all, even the less important aspects, brought such results for the Frontback directors. The hard work was transformed in a constant success.

Having passed four month after Frontback creation, new mobile application was ready to begin its life. After the run of mobile technology, it had got 200 000 downloads during first weeks. The Frontback staff went to San Francisco. Here Frontback was compared with famous Instagram because of the principles of business activity (making photos) and very fast popularity increase. Even the serious problems of the director of the project (della Faille was holding court in USA), didn’t cease the strong development of work of Frontback services. The business activity of Frontback was lead during a certain period of time with the collaboration of Twitter.

It is just Twitter tried to influence on Frontback in the process of its development. It was the time when Frontback have passed through some difficulties. Twitter, always successful player on the field of social media marketing, was interested in joining the developing young service with the aim of enlarging of all own possibilities and an influence area. Frontback was supposed to be an active component service of twitter performing tasks of sharing pictures and in the nearest future has to dispose a wide messaging service for making its performing abilities perfect and, in the result, make Twitter image grow constantly.
Having achieved considerable progress in the area of internet marketing business in the USA, the Frontback management was intended to continue business promotion of their services in Europe, though being agreed with the statement that it is more difficult to obtain a wide sphere of influence here than in USA. The way for successful business on European market is on the activity checked by time and having got some levels on its field. The details are not interested for potential European customers.

Frontback is supposed to start collaborating with iPad and Android technologies for enlarging its business area introducing completely new applications for these famous services. The waking of wide variety of customers’ interest is a principal goal in the activity principles of Frontback. For this task accomplishing the Frontback staff is going to do all its best in the area of design evolution. According to the opinion of Mr. della Faille here is the key for luck. The simple operating and effective list of options will make Frontback continue to increase its image and business importance. The serious intentions of Frontback staff don’t leave any doubts and one can believe in the next evolution of this service on the social networks market places. This system possesses all possibilities for occupying important place in the area of social media marketing. Frontback can surely preview the clear future for itself continuing to do actions like mentioned above.