Facebook popularity decreases on the teenagers’ area

The mega popularity of Facebook becomes doubtful among the teenagers. The last estimations’ results showed the fall of the social media leader popularity in the environment of young teens. The causes of its first rating decrease are connected with a constant growing of image of mobile social services, e. g. Snapchat. This phenomenon is completely surprising and unwanted for the giant of the social networks business. It is the first time for Facebook to bear the crisis of popularity.
The surety of Facebook team of its leadership on the teenagers’ area was seriously attacked. There is a lack of tons of data from the teenagers’ part. The Facebook specialists assure that this is thing of false importance and not significant. But even they approve a presence of some problems with the promotion of Facebook activity in the teens’ environment.

After all rejections of Facebook specialists every information referring to the image fall, the last results of social researches underline the unsteady position of a famous social system related to the teenagers’ opinion. Even some members of Facebook staff approve the existence of problem touching promotion of Facebook activity among the teenagers.

The strongest concurrent of Facebook on the field of image promotion becomes Snapchat. This system has a number of “snaps” (photos and videos) daily traffic equal to the rate of the traffic of photos sent per day on Facebook. Some children may be interested in the services of Instagram, which is a part of the Facebook Empire.
The demographic ratings lost of Facebook strongly influence on its share price, the decrease of which becomes evident because of the popularity falling in the children environment. Any discussions about a lack of stability of the social service make its share prices sink just at this moment. As a result, a great social network can have not only promotion difficulties but financial losses achieving billions of dollars.

The problems of Facebook became a real present of sort for Snapchat. The round of funds of this service has reached to around 200 millions of dollars and the general value was between rates of 3 and 4 billions of dollars. One can see that crisis shades of Facebook bring revenues to the Snapchat business. The success of this dynamic mobile service is progressive but sure in the teens’ demographic core.